New Starts

Today I typed ‘hard to’ into google, and though I was indeed amused at the autofill suggestions such as ‘hard to urinate (never have or will I understand why Google is used as our communal doctor these days) I was stunned to find that there was no autofill for ‘hard to start a blog’. This is something which has perturbed me for a few months now. Beginning something is always a daunting task, no matter what it is. You write and rewrite the sentence, shifting things around, questioning yourself, ‘should there be a comma there?’. There’s never an easy way to begin something. Staring at a blindingly blank page in front of you, and the challenging blink of that obstinate horizontal line waiting for you to type your first letters.

I want to write, I’ve always wanted to write, yet when I’m finally here ready to begin, my brain seems to melt into something which I’m sure would resemble a rice pudding, complete with a repellent blob of raspberry jam on top. I don’t think I’m alone in this quandary. I think this might be the case for many others. Putting a part of you, your opinions, your mind out there for criticism is certainly intimidating, but being afraid of negative feedback is no excuse for never beginning or trying. So if you’re considering writing, you should. It comes down to a fear of rejection from a general audience, but silence is not the answer. If you are passionate about writing then you mustn’t spend your whole life drafting an introduction. Blank pages may appear to continue from where you begin to eternity, but instead of seeing them as daunting, I’m going to try seeing them as an opportunity. In the past I have always seen pages as something to fill rather than looking for places in which to put my ideas, and there seems to be a clear difference between the two.

The beginning is the hardest place to start, and this applies to all things. For example, the first time you meet someone, even if you have the easiest friendship in the world after this point, those first few words that your tongue stumbles over when you introduce yourself are the hardest of them all. So here I am,  today is the day I defy my pudding like brain. I’m putting my foot down and I’m going to begin. I’m going to introduce myself to the blank page, which has always been my enemy.


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