Turning your emotions Inside Out: A film review

Inside Out is an animation imaginatively created to teach children about the concept emotions. In the film, Riley an 11 year old girl’s emotions are personified into a cast of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear. Riley
moves house, and consequently reacts badly to the change. However this change is necessary for her voyage of development. On this journey of development we meet a wide cast of funny, heart warming and
compassionate characters, such as Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong and Jangles the clown from her nightmares. This film is a thoroughly emotive gem for children and adults alike. It cleverly and sensitively handles issues like depression and loneliness. It is also teaches us that persistence and determination can really take you places, especially when you need to get somewhere on an imaginary rocket, and quickly. This film is a lesson on how it is important to feel both happy and sad. It is important to balance both Sadness and Joy, they play the roles of ying and yang, and together create harmony. Sadness teaches us compassion and empathy, but Joy provides us with the determination to keep plodding on through life, even when times get hard. I cannot recommend this film enough, it is an emotive, hilarious and innovative adventure which approaches a difficult concepts for children to grasp. This film is an absolute treasure for all members of the family. Inside Out should be considered Pixar’s crowning jewel.


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