Haven’t you taken The Psychopath Test yet?

In this entertaining episode Jon Ronson takes us on an exceedingly amusing peregrination through the madness industry. This book is undoubtedly a page turner as we become just as absorbed as Ronson is in the riddle of a beautiful and mysterious book which arrives at one of his colleagues’ doorsteps. This book creates a tempest of confusion globally amongst some of the best minds in psychiatry as well as other professions. On discovering that the book was in fact written by a ‘crackpot’ Ronson asks himself how a few moments of madness can stirP1120226 such an intellectual community. He sets himself the task of exploring the ins and outs of this fascinating industry. From shit smeared basements in somewhat ethically challenged therapeutic clinics, to capitalist predators in ties who live in high rise offices with work forces of hundreds of thousands of people submitting to their will.

As you read the book and learn the traits exhibited by psychopaths, you find yourself asking how many people you know who might potentially be a knife wielding maniac. Worryingly the statistic is surprisingly high. It is predicted that 1% of society register as a psychopath on Bob Hare’s PCL-R checklist. Don’t bar your doors and lock your windows just yet however, as most psychopaths tend to be harmless. Though they might shag about and attempt to manipulate you, they are not murderous. However we all score somewhere on the checklist, we all have madness somewhere within our being. Madness motivates society, perhaps Al Dunlap is right, there certainly is some evidence of psychopathic traits being useful in the entrepreneurial world. We all know we’ve seen a few on The Apprentice, Selina from this season anyone? This book is gripping, and will make you laugh out loud, and also maybe change your perception on the so called loons that live among us. A book which is easy to delve into, compelling, hilarious and informative. Arm yourself against your potentially lethal neighbours with this book.

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