‘Wanted More’ is the latest record from Welsh vocal powerhouse Betsy, who released her first EP Fair  in March. When Betsy first popped into my ears with ‘Lost and Found’ I was mesmerised. Her voice was a godsend, come back to revive the 90s, sultry and soulful. This single unfortunately, does not live up to its predecessor, frankly I just wanted more. The sharpness and clarity in her initial track is not evident in ‘Wanted More’, which resembles a butter knife after the wonder that was ‘Lost and Found’.

Though this track has lost the ferocity which initially mesmerised me, it remains a great song in its own right, but runs the risk of becoming musical wallpaper over time rather than being a centrepiece due to its repetitive nature. This is a great euphoric song, and the music video comes with great aesthetic too, I just feel unfortunately this song will only have a temporal place in my Spotify library.

For more on music see my track recommendation for Frances, or check out my playlist of powerful women!

Image via Warner Brothers Records


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