Review: Bonobo- ‘Kerala’

‘Kerala’ is Bonobo’s latest masterpiece and a bite sized taste of his upcoming LP Migration, sampling R&B artist Brandy’s smooth and soothing vocals mid way through the record. This track begins with a stunning simplicity, notes appearing to melt into one another.  There’s something intensely comforting about the easy on the ears repetition which slowly grows throughout this song.

The music video, directed by Bison and starring St Trinian’s star Gemma Arterton is a piece

Image via Ninja Tune

of artistry in its own right. This video is fascinating but also baffling,  and is reminiscent of an intense and disconcerting nos trip. The repetition mutates from something peaceful into something which confuses the eye and puts the mind on edge. You focus so intensely on Arterton that you might miss all the other subtle oddities, such as the rock rising at 1:13 or the man at 2:42 stuck in the same loop. This video gives the song a new unsettling edge, and I almost wish I’d never seen it as it’s what interrupts my peace when I listen to the song now.

This song is a mesmerising work of art in more ways than one, and well worth a listen. Baffle your mind with the video below. Out now via Ninja Tune


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