Review: Bonobo- ‘Kerala’

‘Kerala’ is Bonobo’s latest masterpiece and a bite sized taste of his upcoming LP Migration, sampling R&B artist Brandy’s smooth and soothing vocals mid way through the record. This track begins with a stunning simplicity, notes appearing to melt into one another.  There’s something intensely comforting about the easy on the ears repetition which slowly grows throughout this song.

The music video, directed by Bison and starring St Trinian’s star Gemma Arterton is a piece

Image via Ninja Tune

of artistry in its own right. This video is fascinating but also baffling,  and is reminiscent of an intense and disconcerting nos trip. The repetition mutates from something peaceful into something which confuses the eye and puts the mind on edge. You focus so intensely on Arterton that you might miss all the other subtle oddities, such as the rock rising at 1:13 or the man at 2:42 stuck in the same loop. This video gives the song a new unsettling edge, and I almost wish I’d never seen it as it’s what interrupts my peace when I listen to the song now.

This song is a mesmerising work of art in more ways than one, and well worth a listen. Baffle your mind with the video below. Out now via Ninja Tune


Review: Betsy- ‘Wanted More’

Review: Betsy- ‘Wanted More’

‘Wanted More’ is the latest record from Welsh vocal powerhouse Betsy, who released her first EP Fair  in March. When Betsy first popped into my ears with ‘Lost and Found’ I was mesmerised. Her voice was a godsend, come back to revive the 90s, sultry and soulful. This single unfortunately, does not live up to its predecessor, frankly I just wanted more. The sharpness and clarity in her initial track is not evident in ‘Wanted More’, which resembles a butter knife after the wonder that was ‘Lost and Found’.

Though this track has lost the ferocity which initially mesmerised me, it remains a great song in its own right, but runs the risk of becoming musical wallpaper over time rather than being a centrepiece due to its repetitive nature. This is a great euphoric song, and the music video comes with great aesthetic too, I just feel unfortunately this song will only have a temporal place in my Spotify library.

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Image via Warner Brothers Records

Track recommendation

This track has a stunning simplicity to it. Frances’ voice has a gorgeous purity to it, that rings out clear like the light of day. My favourite part of this song is the initial minute, with no backing, just showing off the minimalistic beauty of her voice. This song feels like it’s over all too soon. This is a wonderful song about unity and the virtues of sacrifice. Listening to it gave me those tingly warming goosebumps that only grace your skin once in a blue moon. I also love the simple watercolour aesthetic of the video, but I’ll let the track do the talking, I hope you like this as much as I did.

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Who run the world?

Is a question which has been asked repeatedly over the past few years, and the answer is of course girls, but in a world plagued by the likes of Little Mix, what can be our salvation? While there certainly is an abundance of auto tuned drivel which seems to assault our ears on a regular basis, there is yet some hope. This week I have compiled a playlist of my favourite tracks made by some absolute gems, that you may not have heard of yet. Check out the playlist on Spotify, and while you’re at it check out my summer playlist if you need a little reminder of what we’re waiting for through these summer months!

1.Flesh Without Blood by Grimes

Grimes has been floating about ethereally in the music industry for about 5 years, and transfixed listeners with her otherworldly voice and innovative alternative music. This
track is my favourite by far. She brought
out this song in the lead up to the release of her most recent album, though she has been criticised for yielding to the mainstream pull, I must say that this is my favourite track of Boucher’s by far. With its uplifting melody this song will make you want to dance down a busy street.

2.Take Control of You by NAO

NAO is currently up and coming in the music industry. Annie Mac has made one of her more recent tracks Zillionare her hottest track of the week, and she also appeared on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury last summer. This track takes us back to 2014 when NAO releasled her stunning EP So Good.  This track is seductive and fast pace, the percussion giving the track a primal quality.

3.Four Pink Walls by Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara has been named by the BBC as a name to watch this year, and her debut track Here, has over 120 million plays on Spotify. She is the voice of an introverted and shy adolescent population, who, like her, dream of a life behind four pink walls. Her voice is soulful and carefree and she boasts impressive and intelligent lyrics, if you like this track, you should definitely listen to Here.

4.Emotional by Snoh Aalegra

Snoh Aalegra, from Sweden, reminds me of an upbeat female version of Maverick Sabre. When I first listened to this track before I knew it my shoulders were waggling and I was lip syncing as if I was a celeb on Lip Sync Battle.

5.Ritual Union by Little Dragon

You won’t be able to stop yourself singing along to this one, even if you’re sat on the train among strangers (maybe refrain yourself a little then, mouth or hum it perhaps?). Be aware though, this track is incredibly catchy, you’ll find it rattling round your brain late into the night.

6.White Tiger by Izzy Bizu

The gorgeous Izzy Bizu has a jazzy and soulful voice which will lighten up even the most overcast day. Her voice is pure and refreshing, she’s a real talent.

7.Experience by Kacy Hill

This track centres around Hill’s silky and entrancing falsetto, which is enhanced by the delicate instrumental structured around it. Kacy Hill’s voice is reminds me of tales when I was younger, of sirens that would lure men out to the icy embrace of the sea. This whole track is evocative of a ship gently rocking, and I’m sure if I had to be at sea to listen to this track, then you could just call me a sailor.

8.Make You Feel by Alina Baraz

This track is total magic for me, I discovered it this summer, and have listened to it hundreds of times, yet it never seems to get old. It makes me think of balmy summer evenings, spent with friends, laughs free and easy, tickling my throat. An otherworldly track which will continue to take you back to that happy place.

9.Lost & Found by Lianne La Havas

This song has some truly heart wrenching lyrics, and you can feel the raw emotion bleeding out from the song. This song is simple and truly beautiful.

10.Hyde by Astrid S

Astrid S is a Norwegian singer/songwriter, you might recognise her most popular song Running Out, which is one of those songs you know, but can’t quite place. Hyde proves to be even better, showing off her incredible voice, and chilling instrumental, which will make your spine tingle.

11. F-Q-C#7 by Willow

You would never have guessed that this song is made by Willow Smith, who sang Whip my hair, this song shows a distinct change of direction. The minimalist percussion which
accompanies this song accentuates her remarkable and distinctive vocals. This sultry song will make you want to get up and sway your hips, and is especially good to wail along to in the shower. This song seems as though it’s over all too soon, so put it on repeat and start wailing in that shower.